Teeth whitening was once a procedure for the rich and famous of Hollywood’s A-list, but thanks to recent developments in whitening technology it is now available to almost anyone.

If you are interested in having your teeth whitened, you will be invited for an initial consultation with one of our dentists where they will assess your suitability for the procedure and explain to you the steps involved.

The whitening process is achieved through the application of a hydrogen peroxide solution onto the teeth using a specially moulded mouthguard; if not administered correctly the bleach can cause serious damage to your gums and the rest of your mouth. For this reason it’s important that a qualified dentist always carries out this treatment, rather than a beauty salon or other practitioner who may not have the necessary experience or knowledge to whiten your teeth safely.

It is important to remember that once you whiten your teeth they may naturally become discoloured again over time, but you can reduce this effect by limiting your consumption of deeply coloured foods like red wine, berries and chocolate, and making sure that your oral care routine is regular and thorough.

You can also make use of our ‘home whitening’ kits that allow you to safely administer your own whitening yourself, and also allows you to control the exact level of whitening you would like. Once your teeth have reached your desired appearance, you can simply stop the whitening applications. One of our team will give you a full demonstration of how to use this kit, and you’ll be able to ask them anything you’re not sure about before you take it home for use.