If you are self-conscious about overcrowding or gaps in your teeth, but are reluctant to have a permanent fixed brace, Invisalign Aligners could be the perfect option for you.

A modern development from traditional ‘train-track’ orthodontics, the Aligners are discreet, removable plastic braces that are made bespoke to your measurements and requirements. They have been developed with patient comfort and confidence in mind, ensuring that you are able to enjoy laughing, talking and interacting as normal while they quietly work to improve your smile.

Made from completely transparent plastic, these appliances are almost invisible over your teeth, meaning that other people will hardly notice your new braces. For even greater convenience, the Aligners can be removed while eating or cleaning your teeth and simply reinserted afterwards.

Before you start the process, your dentist will carry out a full initial consultation with you to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment. You will then have a scan taken of your teeth (no more messy impressions) we can then show in minutes a simulation of the predicted movement and outcome, this will be used to create your bespoke Aligners.

For your complete reassurance, you will also be able to view the intended end result of your treatment on a computerised 3D model, so that you can be sure you’re happy with the aim of the process before it even begins.

The procedure involves the use of multiple Aligners, all of which will have been carefully constructed to apply the right pressure on the right teeth at that particular stage of the process. You will have regular appointments with your dentist during which they can check your progress, and move you on to the next Aligner when your teeth have completed the necessary transitions for that particular stage.

Depending on the degree of adjustment needed, and how long you wear your Aligner for each day, the full length of your treatment can typically be anywhere from around six months to two years. Your dentist will discuss the expectations for your particular situation with you during your initial consultation.