Implants could be the answer you’re looking for to restore your smile

Do you have an unsightly gap after losing a tooth, but don’t like the idea of dentures? A dental implant could restore your smile to its natural splendour, offering a far more secure and permanent solution to missing teeth than dentures.

A robust titanium screw is embedded in your jaw, before a hard-wearing prosthetic tooth is mounted on top. Once inserted, the difference is phenomenal – you’ll feel like your natural tooth is once again back in your mouth!

Ahead of your implant procedure, you will have x-rays taken to determine the position in which the implants should sit. You may also have a model made of your existing teeth for our team to work from.

Implants are made up of the titanium implant itself, which is screwed into your jawbone, and also the porcelain crown which forms your new ‘tooth’ and sits on top. The procedure is normally done in three stages: first the implants are placed into your gum, and then allowed to heal, before you are invited back for a second appointment to take impressions and a third appointment to fit the crowns on top.

Our Principal DentisBiomet 3it Simon Gibson-Sexton has a particular interest in implant treatments and is also a member of the Association of Dental Implantology. What’s more, we have a Cone Beam CT scanner – an imaging machine that uses similar technology to x-rays, and allows us to obtain a detailed representation of your jaw structure to assist with the fitting of your new implants. This means that should you ever want to go ahead with an implant procedure, you can be sure you’re in the best hands with us.

All Implants carry a Guarantee by Dental Partnership – for your protection and peace of mind

Dental Implants can for some patients be a significant financial outlay as well as a long term investment.

Southam Dental offers you reassurance with every Implant placed to cover any remedial costs in the event of unforeseen complications or accident;


  • Your Guarantee includes
  • Protection as soon as your Implant is placed
  • Covers cost of any remedial work
  • 1 year protection for your implant
  • 1 year protection for complications with your restoration
  • Accidental damage Cover
  • Cover can be easily extended after 1 year


Terms and Conditions apply.