Many people have something they don’t like about their smile, and something that they would probably change if they could. At Southam Dental, this opportunity is available and accessible to you.

Our ‘Smile Makeover’ technology means that whatever your concern – whether it is missing, crooked or slightly discoloured teeth – we can work with you to transform your smile.

Your dentist will carry out an initial consultation with you, to address your concerns and dislikes, and will establish the most appropriate treatment for you. This might include porcelain veneers, crowns, whitening or a combination of approaches, and treatment will only start when you are completely happy with the suggested plan.

Facial Asthestics 

Facial aesthetics refers to a number of non-surgical treatments we offer to temporarily soften facial lines and revolumise areas where natural ageing may have taken its toll leading to loss of contour and fullness of the face.


Anti-wrinkle treatments use a natural substance that essentially relaxes muscles and softens the appearance of wrinkles. Our face is comprised of two types of lines: static lines and dynamic lines. Static lines are those that are there when resting, whilst dynamic lines are those that are made by performing certain facial expressions. The anti-wrinkle treatment aims to prevent those dynamic lines from occurring whilst softening static lines. As a result, you end up looking fresh-faced and younger whilst maintaining a natural look.


Dermal fillers are also another cosmetic treatment we offer. This restores volume of the face to revitalise your look. As we age, we lose our natural elasticity and fullness of the face; hence fillers work by literally ‘filling in’ and smoothing away wrinkles.