Inman Aligner

Are your front teeth crowded, a little crooked, or maybe protruding further forward than the rest of your teeth? If so, you could be the ideal candidate for an Inman Aligner.

These type of Aligners are only designed to correct problems with your front teeth, rather than the whole jaw as with most other orthodontic treatments. The removable appliances consist mainly of two wires that run in front and behind your teeth, and apply specific pressure to bring any protruding or overlapping teeth back into line. This is a very effective process, and most treatment programmes can be completed within just 18 weeks.

Your dentist will be able to assess your particular circumstances and determine whether the Inman Aligner would be a suitable option for you. If you decide to go ahead with the process, you will have impressions taken of your teeth, from which your custom appliance will be created and fitted.

Following this, all you have to do is wear your Inman Aligner for between 16 and 20 hours a day, to allow it the necessary time to improve your smile. You will also require regular check-ups with your dentist to check that the progression is on track and as expected.